Top Starting A Journey Quotes That Will Make You Feel Happy


Starting a spiritual journey is very important to heal your mind, body, and soul. You can achieve this by hearing good things that some of the legends have said over the years. Each quote contains some spirit and wisdom that you will not find anywhere else in the world. You can expand your mind and get a new perspective about life if you hear the quotes and read more about them. 

Spirituality means different things to various people and it depends on their beliefs. However, there is one thing that is common among all and that is the belief that something higher exists in the world. There is something that has created life and the universe and that higher power governs us all. These are some spiritual awakening quotes that you will like. These spiritual awakening quotes will change your perspective towards life and anything that you feel. 

Buddha- Just ……..without a spiritual life

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This quote means that no one can survive without having any form of spirituality in their life. You can mean different things by spirituality but it does exist in one form or another in your life. Buddha had great wisdom and his words still hold a lot of importance in today’s world where everyone leads a practical life. Leading a spiritual life can help us fight the pain and chaos that comes with life and makes it worth living. This quote awakens something in you and changes a lot of thoughts in the minds of people.

David R. Hawkins- Spiritual development…..of one’s motives.


This quote is also one of the best quotes when it comes to spiritual awakening as it tells us that spiritual development is very important in life. If you are developing spiritually you will get the rewards now or later and also it should be a motive of your life to develop that side. People have forgotten to bring their spiritual side out in today’s time and that has become a major reason for stress and pain. With this quote, you learn that the spiritual side of a human is as important as any other side and has to be worked upon.

Swami Sivananda-The real spiritual….inner tranquility.

This quote is important as it tells us how we can measure our spiritual progress. You have to understand that when you get inner peace then you have discovered your spiritual side. The more you develop spiritually the more tranquility you will gain and it will make your life better. This awakens something in you and it makes you see the reward that you will get when you practice spirituality in your life.


These are some of the best spiritual journey starting quotes that will change the way you view the world. If you take these quotes seriously then you can change your life for the better. It is very important that you develop your spiritual side for your happiness and peace. Also, you should show these quotes to your loved ones so that they can also indulge in some spiritual awakening

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