Monday Motivation Quotes to Keep Going With

monday motivation quotes

In every business, there are Monday Motivation Quotes that should be taken into consideration. Whether the head of a company or an employee or parent or child, they can all benefit from the words of wisdom contained in these little gems of wisdom. Sometimes we need a little push. It is not always easy being a new manager or a new parent or even a new teacher.

“A day is not made by the day, nor was it made by me.” – Anonymous. What better day to motivate yourself than Monday, the first Monday of the New Year. The true meaning of motivation is to move mountains. Whatever the mind of man conceives and believes, it can accomplish.

“If I had a memento to take along on my mission, I would choose a Monday like this. It’s when I get started that I’m really writing. Monday is my time to get started.” – Jack Butcher.

Monday Motivation Quotes

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“Work hard today. Work smart tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein, upon receiving his first Monday motivation quotes in physics and one step forward toward his great discoveries

“Monday is the day before the ballgame. Tuesday is the day after the game. Wednesday is the day before baseball.” Zig Ziglar, author of the hit book “The Better Angels,” relating to Monday motivation quotes in work and life

“A person who wants to succeed should start today. A person who thinks he has already succeeded should stop right there.” – Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” relating to the importance of Monday motivation quotes for success in creating wealth. Something else I’ve always heard from Robert Kiyosaki is that people with money don’t need to work very hard. In my opinion, the book by Robert Kiyosaki makes sense when applying these Monday quotes to work; however, I would add something else to this, which is that people shouldn’t set their goals so far in advance that it is unrealistic to achieve.

For example, if your goals are to make $500 a week by Friday, I would say that you are probably way too far advanced for Monday morning motivation quotes. Something else I would add is that these quotes are not about setting daily or weekly goals. These quotes are more about providing a boost that gets you through the hard times and provides energy and enthusiasm to get you through to the end. When you read many Monday motivational quotes, you will see that it isn’t the end result that you are trying to get, but rather, it’s the journey along the way that is important.

A Much Ado

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The journey is what’s important and this is one of the main reasons why I like to use Monday motivation quotes to keep myself going. You can also use Monday mornings as a time to sit down and write yourself a goal list. You may even want to write down goals for your friends and family as well. What’s most important is that you are using the power of words and you are making yourself do the right thing. Try this method and see how it works.

One of my favorite Monday motivation quotes is from the movie, Rocky. As Rocky said in the movie, “What the hell are some of those people thinking? They spend all day worrying and talking about me when they could be picking my brain right now!” The most important thing in the movie was when Rocky said, “Not even bothering to get the car started” and this quote instantly makes me think about my daily commute to work and the stresses that come with it.

A quote from the great rapper Kanye West can also be used as motivation. In the song “Runway [Xxplosive]” from his album called The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, Kanye West says, “You never get a second chance, so don’t act recklessly. And you definitely don’t get a second chance at love.” This quote is also about relationships and how if you make a mistake, you should at least try to learn from it and move on.

Probably my favorite Monday Motivation Quotes come from the movie, Office Space. When Frank realizes that he’s been neglecting his duties at work and has a big meeting with his boss, he goes to get ready for it, only to find that he’s been put on another day. He says to his co-worker, “This isn’t the best day of my life, I don’t know what to do tomorrow.” Steve Maraboli’s response to this is “every morning, go to bed exhausted and ready to take on the world.”

Bottom Line

Another of the most motivational words I’ve heard is, “Stick to your guns. Keep working towards your goal. Monday will be done. The rest of the days are nights to look forward to.” This is one of the reasons that I keep going, “And the rest of the days, when it’s time to go to bed, remember to think about your goals and take action.”

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