Inspirational Sports Quotes About Champions

inspirational sports quotes

One of the best things about inspirational sports quotes is that they are inspiring and motivational. The reason for this is that they encourage you to perform better in sports or activities that you are involved in. There is no way to measure how inspiring a quote is if it has not convinced you to do something. This means that quotes should be something that you base your decisions on as to whether or not you should win, lose, or gain something from your involvement with whatever it is that you are involved with.

Quote By Arnold Schwarzenegger


For example, one of the most inspiring quotes is that of the famous quote by the late, great inductee, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said, “I’m not a born leader. I’ve always worked hard every day and I’ve been lucky.” Clearly, many people agree with this sentiment as well as many who follow his career and leadership. Therefore, if you read inspirational sports quotes such as these, you will have a number of people who will tell you to follow the same path as Arnold did and to not give up no matter what.

Quote By Lebron James

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Another famous, inspiring sports quotes is one that came from the most unlikely source possible; the legendary NBA star, Lebron James. His response to a question regarding how he would fare against Michael Jordan was, “Against anybody in the league, I will never lose.” It’s amazing that Lebron chose to speak about anyone other than himself in this quote. He obviously wants to be considered as the best athlete of all time and wants to challenge other athletes to match his greatness. It appears as though he never gives up and he always wants to prove to others that he can still bring it when it comes to basketball. Many will say that Lebron has been very wise when it comes to working his game into the ground to wait for the opportune moment to take advantage of.

Inspirational Quote By David Norton

Another quote that may be more inspiring to some than another includes a quote from David Norton regarding the importance of attitude in winning: “A lot of people don’t really want to win. They just want to come in and sit down and wait for someone to beat them. If you want to win, you have to be prepared to go through the adversity and be ready to fight. Everybody wants to be able to say, ‘I won the game against that guy, but it was the most important game of the season for me.”

Inspirational sports quotes are not only about professional athletes and the things they do to stay in shape or go to the Olympics. Many athletes, including football players, wrestlers, cyclists, and boxers, have a great attitude and work ethic, but sometimes they get the credit they deserve for their accomplishments. The work ethic and mentality of these great athletes are absolutely admirable and inspirational. Especially for younger athletes, it takes more than talent to be able to succeed at anything in life, let alone competing against some of the all-time greats in sports.

Bottom Line

There are many inspirational sports quotes about champions and they are all aimed at every part of us, including athletes and non-athletes alike. No matter how big or small the event may be, as long as we all keep our spirit up and continue to strive towards our goals, we can definitely reach our goals. Billie Jean King might be the best thing since slice bread, but she’s just one of many greats that have conquered sports. We can definitely learn from them. They may not always win sports, but they sure do inspire millions of others to be just as great as them.

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