Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Motherhood -

Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Motherhood

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What better way to celebrate motherhood than to read inspirational happy quotes to your daughter? These quotes are aimed at encouraging mothers to stay on track with their goals. Read them to your daughter and tell her that you love her.

Mother’s Day is round the corner. Why not use this to plan some special mother’s day gatherings for your friends? The best way to cheer up a friend is to share some fun yet inspiring quotes. By using the power of happy images, you can create an atmosphere of positivity all around. So now it is time to share a few mom quotes with you.

How Much You Mean To Her


I chose to share these with you because I have been through the struggles of parenting and am sharing my experience so you won’t have to go through the same thing. You can use these quotes to inspire you or show your daughter how much you mean to her. Each time you read one of these short quotes, tell her how grateful you are for everything she’s given you. She’ll be touched by your gratitude. I know I was.

Some of the most famous mothers in history are shown below. You will notice that many of the famous mothers mentioned above have something in common. They are all highly inspirational and full of happy images to help you bring peace into your own home.

Extremely Sensible And Level Headed Mother

A person standing in front of a mountain

Mary Poppins is known for being an extremely sensible and level headed mother. In case you didn’t know, Poppins was an orphan as a young girl. She eventually married a rich man and had several children, but always remained true to her values and never gave up on her principles. When she died, she left all of her great possessions to her daughter. Now, she is recognized as the most famous heart touching mother in the world. Her life showed us that when a mother keeps her own best interests in sight, you will always be in good hands.

Another great example of a great woman who really deserves her gratitude is Mother 2100. In case you don’t know her name, she is a robot who has appeared all over the world since 1950. She has helped a wide variety of people in every way possible. It’s truly amazing that a machine like this would make people feel so thankful, especially for something as large and overwhelming as motherhood.

Mother Teresa

One more quote I would like to share with you is that of Mother Teresa. This incredible woman lived such a simple yet inspirational life. She always counseled her students to not let anything stand in the way of their dreams and goals. As a matter of fact, she often used a saying that goes, “let a poor mother teach you what a poor mother can teach you”. Her words still ring true today as we celebrate mothers day.

Above all, mothers day quotes remind us that we should never forget our mothers. They are our biggest support and have always been so close to us throughout our lives. Never forget how much they have sacrificed for us and for our family. Express your feelings about them to your daughter and she will feel so very grateful. Your daughter will truly understand the meaning of all these loving words.

Winnie The Pooh

Another beautiful expression to celebrate motherhood is a quote by Winnie the Pooh. The famous fairytale character once said, “There’s no such thing as a happy mother… but a happy child”. This famous quote really does express so much and your daughter will feel so very lucky to know such a wise woman.

What other mothers would rather be told by the experts than by their own mothers? Mother and daughter quotes can be found in almost every culture around the world. One popular choice is an Irish proverb; “A mother says, let me climb that tree, if my son isn’t ready to climb that tree yet”. I love that last quote because it’s so comforting to hear that your daughter is safe with her mother and that you will be safe too if you stay away from danger.

Final Words

When you look for inspiring quotes to send to your daughter on Mothers Day, make sure you choose one from a happy mothers day quote that will make your daughter happy. If you don’t know where to start, there are many online resources where you can find lots of cute and funny quotes for your precious offspring. It’s important that you don’t forget to include the important person of your life when you are writing those quotes, if you want to give her the highest inspiration.

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