Funny Positive Quotes To Change Your Mood -

Funny Positive Quotes To Change Your Mood

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Laughter is the best medicine. Doing the same tasks every day requires a daily minute of motivation & if we could add some fun to it, it would be a cherry on the cake. Check out these funny positive Quotes for a daily boost of positive vibes.

Funny Positive Quotes For Giving Your Best

  • Always give your 100% unless it is your blood.

People should have a wise idea of working hard. Just cutting off the bushes can not help us achieve success. Working smartly without getting tired is all that contributes.

  • People say nothing is impossible but I do nothing every day.

This quote is just asking you to do something. It is asking us to take risks & move ahead with our journey as everything is possible for us to achieve if we want to.

Funny Positive Quotes For Relieving Stress

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  • This too shall pass. Though it might pass like a kidney stone, it will pass.

Hard times pass as well. Though it might cause you a hell of suffering but have faith as nothing is permanent.

  • Stressed spelled backward is desserts. Is it a Coincidence? I think not.

It says to have some sweets and release endorphins. Feeling good will make you think better and that will ultimately help you release stress.

Funny Positive Quotes For Refreshing Your Mind

  • Get up. Stretch. Pack your Stuff. Go to the airport. Fly & never return.

Just even the thought of planning a trip can freshen up a person’s mind. Some snaps of beautiful sunsets, blue hues of the ocean till the eyes see, a trip on a clean road in a car with an open sunroof can lift anyone’s mood.

  • To be ridiculous is better than being boring.

It can work as a reminder to be yourself and do whatever you want to. Always obeying rules can be a little pressurizing. Stop confining yourself to live freely.

Funny Positive Quotes For Aging

  • Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese.

Worrying about age will not help you decrease your age. So, instead of worrying & limiting yourselves within the age boundaries, do whatever you desire.

  • I don’t know how to act my age. I have never been this old before.

It can be more directed to others than yourself, a better way to shut the mouths of those asking you to behave their way.

Funny Positive Quotes For Friendship

  • We have been friends for so long that now, I don’t remember who was the bad influence.

It can make the people around you more delighted about your friendship with them. It simply makes the bond of friendship feel stronger.

  • Don’t blame Me. I am just a reflection of my crazy group.

A sweet way of slipping out of the taunts. It can also work at times to just shut the topic.


Spreading positivity is one of the traits of humanity, but reading those repeated quotes every day can make you feel bored. You might also feel as if they aren’t working. So, to alter the formal way, try these & let us know which one suits you best in the comments below.

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